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Linssen Yachts builds displacement motor yachts from 9,70 to 16,45 metres. The composition of those on board, your personal wishes, your boating area and possibly your budget will influence the series that your choose and the model (AC version with aft cabin or Sedan with open cockpit) within that series. As various series overlap in lengths and possibilities, you will always find a yacht that meets your demands. If not, get in touch to discuss your personal wishes.Leaning back, taking a deep breath and relaxing without a care in the world – that’s what you look for from your boating experience. The precondition for this is that the boat you’re sailing on generates a calm atmosphere. So what you want is a motoryacht from Linssen, which gives you all the quality and comfort you deserve! Compact and at the same time generously proportioned motor yachts that offer far more living area and comfort on board than is usually the case. Thanks to their efficient layout, these motor yachts are unrivalled when it comes to creating a very spacious feeling.


You have recently seen and heard a great deal, both online and offline, about the new Linssen Yachts Grand Sturdy series. A new generation of water displacement yachts that continues the long and successful Linssen tradition and redefines the notion of ‘perfection’.

Behind the scenes at Linssen Yachts, a lot of effort is being put into the latest model series. A real Linssen, provided with countless technical wonders and smart features as only Linssen can. They have listened to the practical experiences of our customers and have turned challenges into genuine Linssen solutions.

The dot zero series consists of three lengths in several versions


The Linssen Variotop® is a striking example of Linssen’s in-house developments and is without a doubt one of the technical milestones in modern yacht building. The Linssen-Variotop® is therefore a symbol of the innovative power of Linssen Yachts and has been patented in a number of countries.


The Linssen Grand Sturdy series are exceptionally complete, arranged for maximum convenience and comfort and offer superb value for money.

You will be astounded by all of the Grand Sturdy series’ functional details, things that go to make life on board a joyful experience. The boats’ sailing characteristics are truly exceptional. Thanks to their unusual chine-type hull, these boats are highly stable and their new shape below the water line combined with the shape of the keel and the rudder, and the rudder balance means that they are easy to pilot in reverse, even counter to the propeller’s direction of rotation.

They are an excellent choice for first-time boat-owners, people with young families, who will surely appreciate the functional and comfortable space on board.

But the Linssen Grand Sturdy series are an equally excellent choice for the experienced boat-owner! Indeed, older sailboat or motorboat owners are often swept away by the boat’s modest dimensions and yet spacious interior, where they will never lack the comfort and convenience to which they are accustomed. On the contrary! The boats in the Linssen Grand Sturdy series are anything but fair-weather boats. They are not intimidated by rough weather or by open water.

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