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Buying a new boat is not something you do every day and choices have to be made. Moreover, you buy a boat with your heart, because those who use their heads do not buy a boat. 😉 In addition, it once again became clear to me that my wife focuses on totally different things than I do, and her input was partly responsible for the right choice.

At Jonker Yachts we found our dream boat and to our surprise the boats were in a splendid and heated showroom (it was the middle of winter). On our second visit we arrived at a mutual agreement.

We were assisted professionally and expertly by Mr Alexander Jonkers. And all agreements, both technical and financial, have been met. Contact with the other employees was also satisfactory and professional.

Just to be on the safe side, we had an expert inspect our boat before handover. This man spent a whole day putting his expertise to good use, but apart from a faulty lamp, he could not find a single defect. Well done Jonkers Yachts.

We have experienced Jonkers Yachts as a very professional and reliable partner, with a great deal of knowledge.

We are very happy with our Linssen 43.9 Sedan.

Van Engelen family

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