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Zeeland is far more than just a splendid boating area. That is why Jonkers Yachts is pleased to share its enthusiasm and its knowledge of the province with you. Enjoy the following tips from locals, insiders, experts and the biggest fans. Do not hesitate to contact Jonkers Yachts if you have specific questions.

Zeeland has plenty of welcoming hotels. Jonkers Yachts is not only knowledgeable when it comes to water and will be pleased to recommend the most comfortable and exceptional hotels. Hotels that make a stay a special experience and contribute to your enjoyment of Zeeland.

The Veerse Meer lake is a former sea arm with a ribbon of historic villages, with Veere as the highpoint. The gentle water offers an invitation to relax and drop anchor and there are countless small islands where you can berth and enjoy the peace and quiet and the nature.

Zeeland has the highest concentration of restaurants in the Netherlands with Michelin stars. This is mainly due to the daily supply of fresh ingredients and the devoted Zeeland chefs that treat them with respect and use them as a basis for their creativity. Where can you enjoy the culinary offerings? Jonkers Yachts knows the ideal restaurant for every gastronome! Just ask and we will be pleased and proud to advise you! Zeeland cuisine has so much to offer…

The Oosterschelde estuary is the largest national park in the Netherlands. Dynamic tidal water with exceptional flora and fauna, and attractions ranging from the imposing storm surge barrier to the town of Bergen op Zoom. The Oosterschelde is also internationally renowned for its underwater features. The 2015 Underwater Photography Championships were held here, following on from the championships in Italy, the Caribbean and Egypt.

Zeeland has three historic towns in the Dutch top 10. Middelburg, Veere and Zierikzee cherish their rich past and are proud of their carefully preserved monumental buildings that impress thousands of amazed visitors every day. Their intimate character, imposing exteriors and history, and not to forget the richly endowed museums and proud inhabitants of Zeeland, all present a cultural challenge to your senses.

Walking for kilometres accompanied only by the sea, dunes and nature. That, according to the Zeeland inhabitants, is what you call a beach. You may find the occasional modest beach pavilion, but there are no high-rise holiday apartments. The inhabitants are conservative about their beaches, but not with their pride. Aware of the imposing beauty, the local inhabitants are proud to show you what nature has to offer.

In the open water, particularly around the Schouwen-Duiveland headland, the sea lion population is still increasing. Every year, Jonkers Yachts receives delighted reactions from its relations who have spotted an enthusiastic porpoise swimming for minutes in their bow wave or who have discovered the colony of flamingos in Europe’s largest salt water lake: the Grevelingen.

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